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Alien shooter

Alien Shooter was first released for PC on September the 14th, 2003, developed and released by Sigma team. It is a 2D, Top-Down Shooting and Action RPG game, which obviously, is all about shooting aliens. It is released for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita platforms.

The game is set in a military base, which lost contact with the world suddenly. The protagonist is sent to discover what is wrong with the military base, and it is later found out that the whole base is under the control of aliens, who came from the teleporting device that was developed in the mysterious laboratories of the base. The protagonist is given the task of eliminating Aliens from the base and to free the place to protect the world. A Male or Female character can be selected, who enters an endless darkness and somber passages of the military complex to eliminate the blood thirty creatures, which have spread their control over the whole place. They are found in offices, mysterious laboratories and store-houses and your mission is to eliminate them at all cost. The weapons given to the protagonist are a gun and explosives, but you can always buy new weapons as you advance to the next round. You have to stop them from leaving the facility by killing them with explosives and gun. You can use explosives in the whole room and then blast them to kill all of the aliens at once, but of course, it will be a challenge to destroy them this way.

Alien shooter - Ocean of games

Features of Alien Shooter:

There are several features of the game that may interest the beginners. For instance;

  • Male and Female character is available. They are not here to distinguish gender but for the stats. There are four stats in this game, that are; Strength, Health, Accuracy and Speed. By choosing a Male character, the players will have more health and strength, while by choosing a female character; you can have more speed and accuracy.
  • Over 1000 aliens at each map, giving you a hard time in destroying them. Over 100 appear at a time, making you go crazy in killing them.
  • Ten missions and one survival mode will make you stick to your place for a few hours.
  • You can upgrade your character as you advance to the higher levels.
  • You will be provided with nine weapons, which are going to be enough for a mass destruction.
  • You can select between the colors of the blood; that is, red or green.
  • The enemies selected in the game were made with excellent imagination and creativity powers, enough to make you appreciate the creators.
  • The best thing about the game is its music, which matches it quite well, improving the overall experience of the game for the gamers.
  • The character is equipped with not only weapons but also some useful tools, like battle drones, flashlights and medkits.
  • Amazing special effects to improve the overall experience of the game.

Alien Shooter in 2017

Bad Sides of Alien Shooter

Although, Alien Shooter got a lot of positive reviews in the past, and is appreciated still by the beginners, it is not as much fun as it was in the past. In the past, it was one of the best games because it was the graphics and features were new at that time. But, the developers have not improved it since then and are following the same concept, meaning not improving anything. Just the levels are increasing and the enemy is increasing, but not anything else. This is why; not the majority of the gamers want to play it. Compared to the latest games, it is like a kids game, killing aliens and changing between a few of the weapons, and that is all. The graphics and the concepts in the new games are quite advanced, which is why; it never catches as much attention as it was used to, in the past. Majority of the gamers from 2003 and over calls it a game of their childhood, and like it for that, but the gamers, who have started it not prefer games like Helldivers and Dead Nation for starters. The follow up series also have the same concept as the first edition shows that one of the alien escapes from the base at the end, after when the protagonist clears the base from aliens. The alien that escaped at the end is the reason for the sequel, in which you can play for nine to ten levels and a couple of survival modes. There is nothing else that is offered by the game, as there is no story line and you immediately start playing when the screen starts off. Although, some of the gamers consider it a plus point as they can immediately start playing the game without any tutorial and intros. They just have to find the generator and their way their self, just like an investigator and then, the fun begins. As simple as that! There are no complicated situations, nothing like that. Just a simple character, with a few guns and thousands of enemy aliens, and one mission, kill them all!

In short, Alien Shooter is all about killing Alien, shooting them with the weapons, blowing them with explosives, completing the given tasks, turning on the power of the base, moving around the places with keyboard keys and mouse. You can buy additional weapons if you are not satisfied with the free ones, and can complete the tasks. The game, however, is not as exciting as the ones released in the recent years, as Alien Shooter does not offer anything other than shooting aliens in different rooms in the military base. So, if you are just wishing to clean some aliens up, then this game is for you, but if you want some more fun, then you may not want to play this these days. It was a good enough game ten years ago, but not anymore.


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