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Looking for an adventurous military blockbuster with a lot of unrivaled destruction for your computer? Then, Battlefield 4 PC is just the right choice for you. It is developed by EA Digital and Illusions CE, offering you enough resources to destroy the enemies as much as you can with your friends. You have a freedom to demolish the buildings that are shielding your enemies with the variety of the weapons and strategic moves that will surely create you a path to victory. The characters are a squad who are finding their way home while fighting a dramatic and intense war by eliminating American VIPs from Shanghai. This is an interactive and strategic game that is full of action adventure moments that will definitely satisfy the thirst of gamers who prefer blood spreading all over the place than a simple racing game killing a bunch of people and clearing a few mission. It sure is an intense game that totally depends on what choices do you make and how strong of a strategy you use to destroy the rival armies. Battlefield 4 PC sure is a game in which you can dominate not only a land, but also air and sea, fighting with enemies everywhere using vehicles and powerful weapons. 

battlefield 4

Features of Battlefield 4 PC:

There are many updated features of Battlefield 4 PC that differentiate it from the older versions, for instance;

  • The factions for multiplayer character models are introduced, which help in differentiating between factions.
  • China, U.S. and Russia are the factions that are present in Battlefield 4 PC featuring a lot of unique weapons as well as vehicles to improve the overall fun of the game.
  • Dynamic faction is introduced that will allow the factions to fight each other on any map of their choice.
  • The good news for players is that there is no accuracy penalty in the game under suppression, which means they will be able to experience a scope sway.
  • Each squad will be able to have five players unlike the older versions, which only let 4 players in a team.
  • Field upgrades are introduced in Battlefield 4 PC, which will show how well a team is playing.
  • Battlefield 4 Commander Mode is returned as well, which can be played on tablet as well. The Commander will lead the time, and will not play as a part of their team on the battlefield.
  • The geo location based leader boards are introduced, which will let the players check their stats in a detail. It also lets them check how well they are stacked up against other players in the same city or country.
  • The players will be able to use Battle screen that will let them see the map, which is what the new generation of the gamers prefer; to have amazing and up-to-date gadgets.
  • The player will have a freedom to destroy as much as he wishes, which follows Bad Company 2 more than Battlefield 3.
  • New vehicles, new weapons and modes are introduced in the game for a better battlefield experience.

Battlefield 4 PC sure has a lot of improvements after two years of its release, which are going to be enjoyed thoroughly by the gamers. The additional features improved the experience and at least gave something new to the game. Although, the storyline and the missions are quite similar to the prelude and other games of similar genre, it still is a fun game to play. The critiques gave a positive response to the game; however, the users were not as happy with the game as they thought. The day they started playing it was the day they faced a lot of difficulties and problems, which was enough to break their heart. Everyone spent money just to play a game that was going best until Battlefield 3, but with the crappy environment to bugs and issues, they all expressed how disappointed they are with the game. Everyone expected it to one of the best work by the developers, but alas.

battlefield 4 pc

Critique about Battlefield 4 PC:

Battlefield 4 PC is surely a fun game with amazing graphics and adventures, but it has gone through a lot of difficulties during its twilight days. It was released in 2013 for Windows, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360. For two years, the game was a total crap, receiving bad comments from over 60% of the gaming community. The reason was, the game was way too laggy, the graphics were cheap, the loading time was worst, the maps were just stupid, the death of the character was way too sudden, the NETCODE was terrible, bad network, terrible service, annoying server problems, the premium game cost over 100 dollars, game lacks creative and new items, rather it was just following the concept of Call of Duty and Black Ops 2, bad effects and everything bad. Basically there was nothing right in the game, and even when they tried to fix it for a few months, it never was enough to make the gamers happy.

Fortunately, after a hard work for about two years, the game now looks much better than before. It still is laggy like hell, and its loading time still is crap, but other features are improved in quite a lot of ways. The gamers enjoyed playing the updated versions of Battlefield 4 PC without having too many bugs, which is good, but it still needs a lot of improvements. This is a game, which not only male but female audience also enjoyed due to the features the game offered, however, the developers must know that they can’t repeat the same mistake over and over again. The users expected a lot from them, but the product that came in the early days was not like something that will be followed up by one of the top games, Battlefield 3. Although, the game has improved a lot now, but there are some issues that are still there, which must also be taken care of, sooner or later.

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