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Looking for a first-person shooting and free-running multiplayer game that is set in the near future? Then, Brink Game is just the right choice for you! The story is set in a fantasy land called ‘The Ark’, which is a floating city and is isolated for more than twenty years. The land is divided into factions; one is a good side, while the other is a bad side. One side is guarded by security forces, while the other is ruled by rebels. At the beginning of the game, the player has to make his choice and choose one side, but it is not permanent as he can switch the sides later on in the game. The only thing that can’t be changed when it is selected at the beginning is the facial expressions and tattoos, which makes it quite a pointless action. Other things can be changed outside the mission, whenever you want.

The number of maps in Brink Game extinction is eight, which have missions according to the factions, chosen by the character. One team has to hack devices; place explosives at certain locations, escort a VIP character or run machinery while the other side to do the total opposite of these missions. The maps and missions are so repetitive that they can be handled with countless ways, which lack the creativity side of the game. Though, the timing keeps you hooked up to the game for as long as win the mission, because you can never simply win by completing the mission, rather you have to wait for few minutes after completing the mission and fight the other team, in order to win, properly. This is quite a frustrating thing for Brink Game, because not everybody is patient enough to wait for ten minute, fighting against the enemies while protecting the VIP body and waiting for the time for the enemy side to over. Another thing that is very important for the players is the art style, which is really attractive. Although, there are problems with the graphical representation of the game, because while playing Brink Game, the graphics get worse that affects the game in a negative way. If the graphics can be improved, there is no way that it would look as bad as it is not. That is why; it is rated as an average game, which not most of the people find attractive, at all.

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Factions in Brink Game:

Brink Game has two factions;

  1. The Ark Security: It is the side, which is lead by Captain Mokoena and has a mission to stop Chen, who is leading the terrorists, called as ‘The Resistance’, which is a rebel side. They are the characters, who are supposed to stop the Resistance and the spies are sent to collect the chemicals that they produce, to protect the people living in Ark. They think that the Resistance is the reason why the Ark is at the brink of a war in the near future, so they have to stop them at any cost. They also are not in a contact with the rest of the world, because they once tried it but the people who were sent to make a contact with the outside world were tortured until they died. The reason of the death was that they were not willing to tell the location of the Ark.
  2. The Resistance: It is a side, which is lead by the character called as ‘Brother Chen’, whose real name is Joseph Chen. He is the one who takes care of the refugee, but they are living in poverty and think that the Security and the Founders are living in luxury by not sharing the resources equally with the Resistance. They are the ones, making a vaccine that can be fairly distributed among all the inhabitants of the Ark. The resistance wants to stay in contact with the outside world, for which they try to establish a connection, so they help them taking control from the founders and security, who are corrupt and taking every resource from them.

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Character Classes in Brink Game:

There are four character classes in Brink Game;

  1. Soldiers, who are concerned with the destruction of important objects by using the explosives. They supply ammo to their teammates and also fight with the use of grenades and other weapons.
  2. Engineers, who are concerned with basically everything related to building, upgrading and repairing things on the battlefield. They also help their teammates by upgrading their weapons to make them more effective.
  • Medics, who are concerned with the health of their teammates and improve their health by using special health buffs. They can self resurrect themselves in case they are defeated by the enemies.
  1. Operatives, who can also be called spies. They are the ones, who hack enemy devices and spot hidden landmines.

Not So Good Features of Brink Game:

Every game has good and bad features, setting a scale for it. For Brink Game, the bad features caused a lot of trouble, making it ‘not so good of a game’ for the gamers. Although, there are many good features about it, but they do not matter at all when;

  • The graphics are horrible, although the game art is really good, but it gets stuck during the game and the pixel setting gets really bad.
  • There is no depth to the game and there is no meaning if the characters can change their factions.
  • There is repetition and even if the factions are changed, the missions almost are all the alike.
  • The number of maps is very low for such a big game.
  • There is no attraction in the missions, because if on one side, you are defending a character, then on the other side, you will get a mission to kill that character.

If these issues are resolved, the game can get higher rating and can be considered as one of the games that people would love to try.

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