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Max Payne 4:

Max Payne 3 was not as interesting as the first 2 editions of Max Payne game, which is why; gamers are waiting for Max Payne 4. The disappointment could be seen when the gamers started playing the game in the early days of the release. The only good thing about Max Payne 3 was the ‘Bullet Time’, which was slightly improved than the past 2 editions. Those, who have played Max Payne, would know what ‘Bullet Time’ is, but if you are new to the gaming and looking for the next best game that can be interesting and worth your time, then you need to know what that is. ‘Bullet Time’ is basically a few second time in which Max Payne gets enough time to execute an enemy before experiencing death. This happens when everything slows down around him, making it easier to kill the enemy. This is the installment for which gamers look forward to playing the game, because it increases the efficiency and improves the overall experience of the game.

Max Payne 1 and 2 are still known to be the best parts of this series, having great features and a wonderfully creative storyline. Each and every step was unpredictable but thrilling, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the gamers. With the news of Max Payne 3, the gaming industry got excited, because they could keep enjoying the game, for which they have waited for almost 10 years, but it was a disappointment for them as the game appeared to be a copy of first two parts. The gamers were expecting new content and storyline, but alas, it was not according to what they have expected from it to be. That is why, they are wishing for Remedy Entertainment to develop the game as Rockstar Games has done poor job this time.

Max Payne 4 is expected to have a better story and technical features, which can satisfy the thirst of the gamers, who have waited for such a long time, but did not get what they were hoping for. The bad news is, the officials have not yet decided to develop the game, and the rumors also stopped arising as the company is working on some new projects, which clearly are not Max Payne 4.

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Max Payne 4 – Technical Aspects:

There is no official news for the technical aspects of the game, but there is a hope that the ‘Bullet Time’ in Max Payne 4 will be much improved than the older editions. With this feature, the gaming experience can be improved that leads towards the gamers’ satisfaction. Another aspect that needs upgrading is the graphics of the game. The older installments used in the Max Payne games were Rockstar Advanced Game Engine and the Euphoria Dynamic Animate Engine, which were not too shabby, but the gamers were expecting more from Max Payne 3 developed by Rockstar Games. For Max Payne 4, the hopes are quite high and the gamers are expecting to get their minds be blown by the realistic based graphic elements. They still want Remedy Entertainment to develop the game, as Rockstar did not do well in the 2013th edition of the game. There are no recent new by both Rockstar Games and Remedy Entertainment, confirming the development of Max Payne 4. But, it should be a thrilling and adventurous story just like the first two editions, in which no one could predict what will happen, unlike Max Payne 3.

Max payne 4 free download

Max Payne 4 Release Date News:

Max Payne 3 is getting older now as it was released years ago, which is why, the gamers are hoping for Max Payne 4 to release now. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen very soon, as there is no official news by Rockstar for the game. They have not even announced that they are going to develop is, which means, there is a possibility that it might take a few more years to get in the market. Since, the last edition of Max Payne was released in 2012, majority think that the next edition might take 6 to 10 more years, but they are hopeful for the new installments, and of course, ‘THE GAME’. The reason for such a long time is because the time difference between Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3 was almost 10 years as the second edition was released in 2003 and the third edition came out in 2012. But, there is a hope that it will eventually come out.

The officials are interested in developing Max Payne 4, as the public is pushing them hard, but they are still waiting for Rockstar to give them permission. One of the team members of Remedy Entertainment Sam Lake did mention that they are interested and looking for a chance to bring up something cool for the next edition. Though, they were not involved in developing Max Payne 3, but they are willing to work on Max Payne 4 if they got an opportunity.

The recent news about Remedy Entertainment is that they are working on new projects but sadly, those are not related to the most anticipated game, Max Payne 4. However, the gamers are still hopeful that the game will come out gradually. There is a positive chance that the game will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, though, not for Windows 10.

Hopefully, we will hear the news about Max Payne 4 in the near future as it already is 2017, which makes it over 3 years since the last game was released. There is a possibility that they may announce the news of starting the development of the game after finishing the currently running ones, because the world is waiting for it, and they all know very well how important it is for them. As the first two editions are very convincing for the gamers to come back to this game, chances are, the news will be enough to get them excited for it.

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